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I didn't receive my direct deposit on my netspend card on my pay date. Still no funds today. Netspend reps and Metabank reps were useless....I'm sure they all got their direct deposit.

I like many others live from paycheck to paycheck and work hard for what I do get. This is ridiculous. I will be closing my account the minute I get my funds and go the old fashioned way with live checks.

This is horrible. I think everyone who got screwed yesterday should be compensated.

WHERE IS MY $$$ jackasses?????????????

They won't reach out directly to us, I had to call all day long and got the same Iim sorry for the inconvenience" line.

In this day and age you should be able to fix the "glitch" where your system METABANK talks with THE FEDERAL RESERVE! It's a bunch of ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Metabank Deposit.


Monetary Loss: $1250.

Preferred solution: I WANT MY PAYCHECK IMMEDIATELY!!!.

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File with , The office of Comptroller of the currency. I have filed regulates and fines metabank and netspend.

Netspend sells 71 percent of the cards for metabank. FRAUDULENT Act Breech of contract Deceptive business practices apply.


I agree with you I have a child to take care of I depend on my deposit every week.


why can't they at least make a statement and tell us what's going on? I need my money NOW!

I cannot wait. This is *** I've tried calling 5 times today and was on hold for an hour.

I got pissed and hung up. I just need my money.....

to Pissed in PA #1582976

I had the same experience. I don’t know what to do.

We need to file a lawsuit?

In the meantime the media should be notified. I’m screwed without my money.


I have payments coming out on the 17th... who is going to pay the late fees?


How about a lawsuit? Anyone?


If only they knew the hardship they are causing hard working people like myself. I think we should all reach out to a major media company and put some heat under their *** by drawing national attention.


I agree with this gentleman!!! I am furious.

Not even a call or email to let us know there would be a delay so we could possibly make other arrangements. I am looking into what I can do LEGALLY to compensate myself for the DISTRESS!!!!


I’m so happy to see this post! I thought it was just me out here with my paycheck missing!

So far I have five late payments, two of which have a $25 late fee each!

Will meta-bank be reimbursing me the $50 I now have to pay because of their “glitch“? The minute I get my money I’m closing my account!

to Anonymous #1582252

I just wish they would tell us WHEN to expect it in our accounts. How can they not have ANY idea?!!!!

I'm so worried right now. I had a LOT of money deposited that I can't get to and I am stressed to the max.

to Anonymous #1582345

I feel your pain and stress. This is ridiculous how can these people get away with this and not compensate fkr the inconvenience on there end.

They need to compensate everybody that has had to wait on there hard earned pay. I asked the lady are they going to compensate she pretty much said in a diffrent way u *** We dont GAS u gonna wait.


Yes I needs my money now

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