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I'm just one of the thousands of loyal card holders who has yet to receive my direct deposit yet and with every minute I wait, my bills and my rent grow more and more immenent to being addressed.

We need to come together and file a class action lawsuit to nail these guys for what the have done! If you want to join, please respond and we'll go from here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Metabank Deposit.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Oh also it might be since their headquarters are in South Dakota that if someone here lives there,they will have to file it and then start from there. Since this is a big corporation you can find your EEOC or whatever equal employment or whatever offices.

Plus that way and with all this leg work that will be needed, they do it for free. Plus can pass info faster state to state between each other for information. is my email and on previous post I put my number. I’m going through a class action right now that I was brought into after more investigating was conducted and my incident and situation involving this company was more severe than the original ppl who filed I became the the one without even knowing.

But if questions text me or email. Again anyone in South Dakota is best to start since headquarters are there and faster to get a response from corporate and no piddle *** around by them.


I’m in. Mine has been a direct deposit but mainly it’s their department that do investigations on if fraudulent or not and do an investigation to determine yes or no.

Well you can’t contact them whatsoever on anything. They don’t contact you to inquire anything. Then if they say no it’s no fraudulent they close it and you can’t dispute it anymore. So it’s that dispute department that says you get your stolen money back or not and you have to live with whatever decision they make.

7755913064. I was already trying to get one of these class actions going but thought was only me. Plus if any of you play the app POP Slots,they also are getting one for stealing and embezzlement and I have proof from them admitting their programming is messed up but they still won’t fix on stealing from players. I’ve got them and Netspend together.

Netspend is not whatsoever customer friendly. If anyone has any questions or need me to write or call anyone to add my name text me 7755913064

#1588328 please be serious because I am


Matt Peters

I'm in I haven't eaten in three days now and am going to be trapped as soon as my gas tank runs out, then no work and no further money.



I'm in


Yes. This is illegal. With no warnings and no answers.


Two of us are missing our paychecks. That's 2300+ $$$ Something about network in FL is down.

Haven't heard if is result of Hurricane or not even.

Nothing has been helpful. I don't know if can even cancel the deposit going through them or not and get a check instead and open a new bank account somewhere with it.

to Anonymous #1582892

Netspend customers Nashville TN. Payday 10/15/18 Normal deposit would have been 10/14/18 @ 939pm.

#1582885 let's do this. I may lose my home due to this.


I agree . I'll stand with you 100% this is absolutely ridiculous .

No email no text no call about any of this either.

Very un professional company. I'll definitely be taking my business else where once this is resolved and I get my paycheck.


I usually get paid Sunday nights and like thousands of others I'm waiting. This gots to be illegal of some sort.

They're messing with our livelihood and something has to be done. F$#& Netspend/Metabank I will deposit my money elsewhere...


Im in. No food bill medicine money.....late fees on top of late fees.....


I don't feel like we have to suffer we already live paycheck-to-paycheck I have late bills my be homeless soon how can we Sue


Yes I agree. Now I'm racking up late fee after late fee on bills I need to pay and my electric may possibly get shut off.


I’m in rushcard holder in Fresno ca


Google ConsumerFraudservices. These attorneys specialize in suing banks that commit fraud no matter of it was $2 deposit its your money.

Its on principle. Ive contacted them they are out of Illinois.

Everyone needs to contact them lets put them out of BUSINESS. They dont deserve consumers.

to Pissed off mf #1582799

I will definitely join a lawsuit. This is inexcusable!!

to Pissed off mf #1593211 please contact me happened to me today November 05,2018 this year at Walgreens

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