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At 10:00 PM on 2/26 my direct deposit posted onto my Rush Card account. I was notified of that through Rush Text Alerts.

At 12:57 AM I received another Rush Text Alert that says a transfer of $631.00 is scheduled to be sent to PHILIPP at 1:12 AM. PHILIPP is one of the cards that is on my list of people that I can transfer money to. I have borrowed that card from my friend Philip before when I lost my card and was waiting on a new one. Other than that I transferred small amounts of money to my friends’ card when he needed to borrow it or vice versa.

Other than the time I lost my card I never transferred this amount of money to any card joined to my account (which includes my mother and my boyfriend) let alone to PHILIPP. PHILIPP is the name of a card that is joined to an account that is no longer in use and was disposed of. This card was my friends’ card that he threw out without my knowledge and so I never separated the accounts because I didn’t know that he wasn’t using the card anymore or that he threw the card away so I didn’t see any need to. So when I call to stop the transfer, that hasn’t even happened yet, the customer service rep (instead of immediately cancelling the transfer) he argues with me and accuses me of transferring the money on my phone, refuses to transfer me to a supervisor, then hangs up on me.

I call again and a woman answers and also argues with me and accuses me of performing this transfer once a month; when I haven’t made a transfer to that card since last year. Then I finally speak to a supervisor who also argues with me. So then I call PHILIPP and of course he doesn’t have the card and after he and I are brainstorming about how can we get the card number and she’s sitting there on the phone silent then he asks her well don’t you have my card information? She says, well I can use your social.

Why someone didn’t say that in the first place, I have no idea. He gives her the social and she says my money would be to my card within the hour. This morning I wake up and my money is still not there and my cards pin number was changed. I call Rush Card back.

The representative says that the people I spoke to last night did not block the PHILIPP account from my card but she said she did. (Later I went online and ended up doing it myself) She then told me that she would sent in the complaint and it would take 2 days to process. And when I went to get some food with the $17.00 I had left on my card it said the Pin number was incorrect. So I then asked her about that and she starts up the whole conversation again that I just had with the people at 1 AM.

I said I already told you this story, she sas that she just looked at the account again (even though she said that she saw the data from the call I placed earlier this morning) Then she accused me of being a liar telling me that I said I didn’t know PHILIPP when the first thing I said to her was that we called him and he gave us his social security number. Why would someone I didn’t know give me their social?? And how could I not know someone that is on my list of contacts? She then transferred me to the claims department after informing me that she would be blocking both cards.

The only person who spoke to me with respect was the claims agent (Rene). He was the only one who helped me, the only one who suggested that I file a police report, and the only one who told me any valid information.

He said that I would have to wait 45 days for them to come to a conclusion. Now I am out $631.00 and soon to be out of a place to live if I don’t get my rent money back.

Reason of review: ALL OF THE ABOVE!.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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