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Every year I am approved for my refund advance through my tax preparer which uses Meta Bank. Well this year for some odd reason they denied my refund advantage stating that I owe the IRS.

Well I called the IRS today and the agent I spoke with says that I do not owe the IRS any thing my account has a 0 balance, and that I needed to call my tax preparer to get Meta Bank contact information to call them to inform them that their information is incorrect. I called Meta Bank and spoke with an agent and Tia went on to tell me that there is nothing that they can do because once the system make the decision they can not reverse the decision but sorry for the inconvenience.

This is a *** company and if I have received refund advances for the last past 7 years with the same company and tax preparer why the *** am I denied now. Somebody please tell me

Product or Service Mentioned: Tax Refund.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Every dam thing.

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to Nikki #1617077

I’m going through the same thing girl I’m calling the irs now to see if I owe which I shouldn’t because I haven’t done anything but I think jh is screwing over us this year and I’ve been with them for 12yrs since I was 18


I been dealing with Jackson Hewitt since 2013 so for the last five years and always have been approved for all the loans , & for whatever reason I was *** denied SMH . I'm really pissed cause I'm 39 weeks pregnant and about to go on maternity leave and needed that extra $400 .

to Cynthia #1616422

I had the exact same issue yesterday when I went in. I am starting to wonder if they are denying everyone and then collecting those "junk fees" for allowing you the option to have this done.

I am still being charged for it even tho I was denied. Have been doing this for YEARS and never had an issue until this year.

to Anonymous #1620188

I am not paying any fees for being denied on my refund advance!! This was a huge waste of time for me I should have gone to H&R Block instead. I am not sure if they use the same company MetaBank but it would have been worth a shot

to Anonymous #1625541

I believe they do n they do a hard credit check too H&M’s block


I just got back from Jackson Hewitt paid almost $500. Recieved a American Express card was told my funds of 200 to 400 should be loaded on to my catd in about 30min.

Before I even got home I recieve a message Were sorry we could not approve you. W.T.F!!!

I feel scammed!! Not Cool Metabank Sucks!!!

to Tammy #1616134

I got denied too..wtf is up wit that

to Tammy #1625543

Wait they made you pay first? I didn’t pay anything. Once they denied me I decided to do it myself with turbo tax


Meta bank sucks I been filing my taxes with Jackson Hewitt for years always got approved then this year I didn’t get approved for the refund advanced and MetaBank couldn’t tell me why!! Kinda glad I didn’t so I can see all my taxes this year. *** meta bank!


I was also denied....this company has no care or concern about it’s customers! I am currently homeless after MetaBank denied my tax loan.

Why would you ever deny a person a small loan when you know with 110% certainty you’ll be paid back! Pretty ignorant company!




They did me the same way


What is there number

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