Every year I am approved for my refund advance through my tax preparer which uses Meta Bank. Well this year for some odd reason they denied my refund advantage stating that I owe the IRS.

Well I called the IRS today and the agent I spoke with says that I do not owe the IRS any thing my account has a 0 balance, and that I needed to call my tax preparer to get Meta Bank contact information to call them to inform them that their information is incorrect. I called Meta Bank and spoke with an agent and Tia went on to tell me that there is nothing that they can do because once the system make the decision they can not reverse the decision but sorry for the inconvenience.

This is a *** company and if I have received refund advances for the last past 7 years with the same company and tax preparer why the *** am I denied now. Somebody please tell me

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Metabank Cons: Every dam thing.

Location: 5501 S Broadband Ln, Sioux Falls, SD 57108, USA

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If you are turned down for ANY loan you should have gotten a letter in the mail advising which credit reporting company they use to determine your denial along with the contact information. If not then you should report to federal consumer protection agency!


So if the bank turns you down, how you get your refund????


They can still file your return just will have to have it deposited in your account or mailed during the normal time cannot get any money in advance


Denied refund advance. Received my letter stating that jackson Hewitt did not provide them with the information they needed and they must receive it by the 23rd to approve me. Called jackson hewitt and now waiting.


Same thing happened to me. I checked and I have no tax offsets nor do I owe the IRS...I was denied for an advance with this company. Not sure why.


I just got back from doing my taxes and got the message saying i was denied. Super ticked off. I've been getting the advace for yeara and now all of a sudden im denied, like WTF...


This is completely unacceptable and extremely unprofessional! I've never been denied for a refund advance loan in my life.

Metabank is getting over on taxpayers in a bad way this year. Its totally unfair and unreasonable especially since you can't speak with a human on the phone and ask for a resubmit on the application in case there's a discrepancy somewhere.

Unprofessional all around. I'm sure a class action suit will be filed at some point.


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Bank is a joke. Made twice as much this year and got twice as much refund as last year yet I was only approved this year for half the loan amount I got last year.


I got approved this year. Last year I was denied because I had an offset of 179.00. My suggestion would be to call the treasury department and see if you have an offset for any reason.


Do you know there number ?


@metabank I’m so upset that I was denied this year for my Advancei have three small children do it takes longer to receive your refund I got it last year in 10mins now I’m worried if I’m going to receive any thing at all


I was denied for the first time. Now they are going by your credit


Same here I went today amd filed, than 30 mins later i got a email saying my advance was denied... IV been coming to Jackson Hewitt for ever and nothing like this has never happened...


They told me I was approved, so I did get the first loan. Then they denied me on the 2nd one.

My credit is good, I owe no money to the irs!! Now they are pretty much taunting me, sending email after email telling me not to forget to pick a loan. Well it keeps getting denied!

Never again will I have anything to do with this bank! Ever!!


They told me the same thing one year then I checked my card and the full amount of the advance was there


Same situation for me !! I have been doing taxes with Jackson Hewitt for years and have always gotten approved, The only reason I use them is for the refund advance.

This year I was denied meta bank sent me a letter saying I was denied because I could not verify my identity??

WTF?? If I would of known this I wouldn't of spent the almost 500$ doing my taxes with Jackson Hewitt I could of done for free on turbo tax!They just lost a customer so pissed!!


I got a letter saying I wasn’t approved for go big refund and called they said it was a mistake. I went to Jh at 8:15 pm last night Finalized my return and got an email saying I got the no fee advance at 10 pm For 2700


How did you get them to change it


I am still in shock. I have been dealing with the same tax specialist for the past 5 years and has always gotten the refund advance but for some reason this year I denied and nobody can tell me why. Will be calling in the morning.

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