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Metabanks atm fees

I made a withdrawl at one of yout atms. It said the fee was $2.00 .

The withdrawal was for $10.00. That should have been $12.00. WHY did they take $16.00??

Could you send me a copy of their fee schedule?? Thanks


direct deposit

why has my pay check not gone in.


Direct Deposit Delay

Find out why Metabank has not paid out ACH Direct Deposits to it's customers! Why aren't they able to fix the problem? It going on 5 days now for some people without receiving their payroll deposits


Your recent commercials or ads on the television.

Tell me, what is the name of the actress/model, doing your current advertisements? The ad shows her exiting the building and waiting for her ride or driver. I'm just curious!



I had 600 dollars and they closed my account 2 months ago.and every week they tell me 5 to 7 days i should have my check but i get nothing. Im behind my bills .


I don’t think you’ll ever see that money. google choice bank Belize liquidation


My funds r not card or bank

Why happen to my check


I have a reward card that expired in 01/17. can I get a new card or is the amount forfeited? Card # 4754270350997820

The card was in my wallet and overlooked for some reason. The original value was $100.00 thanks for your attention. Bill Pollan


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