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I would strongly advise against purchasing pre-paid cards issued by this institution. I purchased a pre-paid debit card.

And while using the card for an online purchase, I typed in the wrong address and submitted the charge for payment. After the payment was declined, I re-entered the correct information. The payment was then accepted, but Metabank placed a 3-day hold the card for funds equal to the amount of the original purchase. So, essentially, the card was charged twice for the same transaction.

I called the merchant, who then told me they would request that the hold be lifted over a 3-way call with the bank.

We placed a 3-way call to Metabank, but Metabank refused to lift the hold on the funds - despite the fact that the merchant verified that the second charge to the card was invalid. This service sucks hard, and I would strongly advise against purchasing their pre-paid products!

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I have been using Metabank's Upside card for two years with no problem with holds yet. Their customer service is somewhat lacking but I have found this to be true with most Banks nowadays.

Thanks to the money laundering and terrorist moving funds around the Federal Government has changed the laws on how much review these banks all have to do.

Holding money for up to two weeks has always been in the fine print of any insured Bank's Funds Availability Policy.

They are just being forced to enforce it much tougher in recent years.

I would give Upside 4 out of 5 stars. They should make it easier to get answers from customer service but their fraud policy is as annoying as all the card issuers, its not just Metabank.

to Anonymous Hyattsville, Maryland, United States #1255196

I bank at a local bank, and they are always on top of things, these pre paid cards are a joke, and screw people....ive been with my bank 14 years now with bank card, amd if tjere has been ny issue, my bank gives my money back right then nd there..and then look into it, while i get ccess to those funds. If in 60 dys, they find in favor of me..nothing happens as i had my money back, if i loose, they take the money back out..with warning...people need to bank with banks and not these fly by night scam companies that are out to take your momey amd not help when someone needs it the most

New York, New York, United States #618158

Do yourself a favor - do business with somebody else, you save yourself lots of nerves and time. I have Metabank WU prepaid card.

This bank holds my funds for as long as they decide to and always looking for reasons to hold your funds. They are either making jokes of me or employing completely retarded people. I stay at hotels a lot, and the incidentals hold from the hotel the banks says will hold for up to 30 business days. It's always 30 business days.

I started requesting the hotel sending the bank Authorization to release funds - after receiving which the bank is obliged to release the funds in 24-48hrs. It's never that time period. The bank always finds something wrong with the form and it's their reason why they don't release the funds. So normally, it takes about 2-3 48 hr period rounds to get my money back.

And the wrong things with form are just ridiculous - like the data on sheet are not lined up... They never contact the merchant or me that there is something wrong, they just wait on, me to call where my money is. When I call, I have to more than often explain to the person on the phone what authorization to release funds is - they are this unprofessional. My recent experience was the tipping point.

After the first fax the hotel Sent I called WU if they received it. I was told yes. So I waited on the funds to be released. When that didn't happen I called them and they told me they haven't received anything.

So the hotel manager sent it again. And the same thing happened. First I was told yes, they got the fax, after waiting I was told second time they haven't received anything. I asked to be escalated - few times because I was hanged up on several times.

I presses on theWU supervisor to find the fax, because thehotel manager kept confirming he resent it. It was about 3 supervisor - I kept pressing bc from past experience I know that 5 people at WUwil, give me 3 different answers to 1 question, and finally after 3 hours I was told they received the fax just few minutes ago. Yes, I spent 3 hrs because it was larger amount from several days stay and I needed it. So I waited on the funds and they haven't arrived.

I called WUand they told me the merchant I'D doesn't match the I'd in the transaction. I called the hotel they told me it's impossible sincethey just printed out the transaction itself. So I called WUback, this time being told they haven't received any fax. After I asked to be escalated I was told there are some data missing...

This is it, I'm closing the account and going elsewhere. The hotel managers after dealing with Metabank/WU prepaid often tell me they are in business for severalyears but neverexperienced anything like this... The bank is either complete mess or very short on moneyorenjoys making fun ofcustomers.

Each is areasontonot to do business with them. They will always look for reasons and ways to hold your funds (see the extra 15 hold for each telecom transaction) and it will at one point hit you at the least apropriatetime and make your life just complicated...

to kat #1255269

Im just curious after reading this..and i know it has anything to do with wu.....but why do you stay at so many motels?? Do you go back to the same ones over and over??

Do you live in them???...sorry, just so curious for some reason after reading your experience. .:)


Well no matter what happen to the poors peoples always has been rip off , and I has been Rip off from western union pre - paid master card , and that card is belong to MetaBank .

That why the CEO guys happy on his face Rip Off from other to live by , money talk no money walk .


With a block being placed on my card for no reason, what should I do to get the rest of my tax refund? After sending in documents such as id, social security card, bill with my name and address and my w2 1040 form that was asked for and they still will not take the block off.

They told me that they had to send in a request form to send my money back to the IRS.

And they were going to caharge me $12.00 to do so!!! This is so unlawful!!!


The retailer spoke directly to the bank's customer service reps. and agreed to immediately cancel the transaction, but the customer service rep, from Metabank, told the retailer that they could not assist and that the funds must remain on hold for 3 business days.


This issue is a retailer issue not the bank issue. The retailer needs to cancel the transaction through their system and have it post through the processor to the bank.

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