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I always receive my deposit on Mondays and I have yet to receive it. MetaBank I see that this is a huge world wide problem.

I am very disappointed that we as customers never once received a mass text message for this problem. I will definitely close out my account even though i love Netspend. I pray that Netspend and Rushcard finds another Bank to partner with. As I have been reading down the years Metabank you care nothing for your customers which is a sad way to run and build your business.

Next time I go with a prepaid card I will do my research and make sure MetaBank is not connected in anyway. I don't know if this is an issue that you all created in hopes of removing customers from Netspend which in my eyes are a good company. Then you as a bank had the audacity to blame it on our employers. Really?

They are the ones who have issued our deposits for months and we have received them on time until now. This is something as a bank where you all should take full blame, responsibility for and should be able to render funds to all who have worked very hard for. This is why I will go back to checks and keeping my money out of banks because technology will not ever be better than how things were back in the day.(Shoe boxes) I definitely want my money and I will stand with everyone, singles, married couples, single parents, families who need to pay for food so children can eat, rent so we have a place to rest after this horrible situation, gas so we can go to and from to be able to work etc.

God help us all in Jesus name that the funds will be released to us. I plead the blood of Jesus over this entire situation in Jesus name.

Product or Service Mentioned: Metabank Deposit.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Not making my funds available to me.

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It wouldn't help me one bit to receive a QUOTE : "mass text message" because I don't have a cellular telephone. Haven't needed one since 1956 and don't need one now.

So remember, your solution to a problem doesn't solve anything for some of the customers ... I've never heard of "Netspend" , you can't QUOTE : "go back to checks" without involving a bank ...

Jesus does not care about your or anyone else's money. - the opposite is true ; what about that rich man and the eye of the needle ?

to Anonymous #1592599

Well clearly my opinion of what was suggested wouldn't apply to you and especially if you have no clue to what Netspend is (prepaid card) smh then your response was intentionally mean. So the real question is how would you solve it?

Instead of picking at someone esle for their suggestion. Smh being mean and then have the nerve to say Jesus doesnt care lol God bless you any how.

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