I just got my deposit check your accounts everybody

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THANK YOU GOD. I hope everyone takes money out and never use this bank again.

I will be going to a legit bank down my street. i am glad everyone got their money, I believe everyone was struggling like us, now we can breathe


I got my money in lst night at 9:56 pm


I did get my deposit! I’m in Oklahoma and it is 5:27 am.

It was on my account when I looked this morning! Good luck everyone!


I really did receive mine a little after 10. And my my second one that I was waiting on came after 12.


My husband has a card through his job and his job gets deposits through metabank and he still didn't receive his pay check on his card what's the hold up with everbodies money we need ours like now and I mean now asap


What prepaid card do you use? I have Global Cash Card and still nothing. I was supposed to have my direct deposit Monday.


This is *** ridiculous!!!!!!! Can’t buy my chemo pills!!!!!! I am suing!!!!!!!!!!!


No funds deposited in Memphis, Tennessee yet. This is absurd!


Been waiting since Sunday...still nothing on my rush card


i am going to call the attorney generals office tomorrow am , then try to get into old bank and update all employers and child support of new account there is no excuse for this like the other person said.. where did the money go?

did they get hacked ? .. if they did .. forget it ..

may have lost this paycheck forever .. no more loading this card or getting any deposits sent to it hard lesson to learn , had to call creditors i really liked this card but cant take any chances this happens again bummer ..

left the credit union for a reason.. too expensive to do business with them


Not me ugh...I'm in atl ga I have rush card no money but my co worker has green dot she got hers......I want minutes tffffff


I was waiting since Friday. I’m in Maryland and i have a bluebird card. It got deposited finally around 6


I'm in Maryland and no deposits here

to Anonymous #1582929


to Anonymous #1583043

Non in Baltimore either


So upsetting someone would play around about receiving their funds , getting everyone else hopes up. People are really in need rn.

This is ridiculous.

We may never see our $$ . This is f****d up !


No deposit for two days-Oklahoma-Netspend. This is so wrong!

I asked a Metabank rep specifically “are you fixing to file bankruptcy?” And “are you going to close your doors” she answered no to both but it seems like that’s all they are doing is just straight up lying to us. Netspend said I would receive it yesterday but obviously that was a lie.

Can’t even cancel the damn thing and hr won’t rewrite a paper check until this deposit is canceled. I didn’t feel right about praying to God for money but I will pray he sees all of through this.


No deposit yet in Ohio this is not right how can this be legal


I think the person who posted they got their money is full of it! Been waiting for over 48 hours with the same *** I apologize for your convenience.

I called the bank president, his name is Brad Hanson in case you feel the need to speak with him.

I also called the he president of net spend and left him a message. I suggest everyone call them!

to Anonymous #1582826

Nothing yet in Las Vegas Nevada that person is BS

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