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I just received a letter in the mail today from this so called metabank. Never heard of it and all of a sudden the letter states that I have a prepaid unclaimed card from them that needs to be claimed.

The letter states that I need to mail in 2 forms of government identification to get this so called unclaimed money that belongs to me that I never knew of... the form also ask me to send in all my personal information such as, signature, date of birth, social security! !!!! (Never ever do that!!) Phone number and email and address.

Lol this *** is a joke. Its straight up fraud! !! It has No contact phone number, No company name on the evelope, a fake bar code!

Please people! Do not listen to this *** and get your money stolen! Please be smart! It obviously wants all your personal information so it can send you a card and make you spend thier money and than charge you an arm and a leg to pay back.

Or even to steal your personal information to open up cards else where or even sell off your information!

!! Be careful theres so much fruad out there and some looks real!!

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LOL i had the same exact *** come into the mail stating unclaimed property !!! lol hahaha i laughed


Received 11 of these letters in one day. Each letter had a different account id #- all of them had a "Response Due Date" of 09/31/18.

September only has 30 days!!! Appears to be a scam, since they don't know how many days are in the month of September.


My daughter just received 4 of them and we live in NY. Fake bar code, no telephone number, diffterent account number on each letter . SCAM SCAM SCAM

to Anonymous #1557227

just got same letter in NY. not sending anyone my SS# or account # lol.

thanks for the heads up. i typed in the Sioux Falls address they sent and saw this site


My letter came from the California State Controller's office advising that Meta Bank had $145 of unclaimed property. I called the state controller, they told me to call Meta Bank to file a claim...

I did, I am waiting for a claim form. Apparently it was a "Blackhawk gift card" that was never used. Very possible... I have received so many through the years and my wife usually misplaces them.

Meta Bank told me I could just wait for the funds to be transferred to the State and they will contact me in about 4 months. They seemed legit, but I am reluctant to give out my SSA# and Drivers Lin# on their form, so I think I'll wait for the state.


I just got the same letter today !! It sounds like complete fraud.

I was tempted to google for a phone number. I read on another site they CHARGE you to call them !!

What is that nonsense???? Unreal...Stay safe.

Akron, Ohio, United States #1327198

Some can be scams if they ask you to pay. Just go to Missingmoney.com it is a legit federal website.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1261022

I have same, but there is a phone # and I do have a gift card from a cable comp that I never used????? Meta bank is a company that deals in gift cards. Am I just out the money?

Burlington, Washington, United States #1207867

I just got one of those today too. Its sad that people will actually send all their info to an unknown entity!

Queens Village, New York, United States #1199385

I just got one too! No contact information and they want you to give them your Social Security number and personal info?!? BEWARE of this SCAM!!!!

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