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My SSI check went to Meta bank once a moth . I was incarcerated from 12/1 until 11/2013 .

But for some resin the bank let my mobey be with drawn . I don't know how or who did it . All I know is that when I went to withdraw money . I was told that I had zero dollers in my account .

I told the bank that I didn't make any with drawl . That I was away behind a wall . They said that because I hadn't notified the bank 120 after the last with drawl . That there was nothing they could do.

That they would not start a investigation . And that my account would not be rembeced . This mean that they gave away $10,000 of my money away . Or say thay did .

I don't know .

Maybe they just keep the money for them sells .

I only know what they told me . That my money is gone ..And that there not going to do anything about it

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u better get a lawyer, and if you were locked up and someone took your money while you was locked up and you can prove you was locked up, then to me thats a a win win case for you. GET A LAWYER


SSI probably took it back. They dont give you benefits if you are in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to garrett #922692

if they did give it to this person while they were locked up, they have to at least tell this person they took it back, they cant just go in your account without an explanation. U may be right they may have realized and took it back, but I have seen in some cases, where people I knew were locked up, and they got their money, I dont know how or why, but they got it.

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