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Update by user Apr 24, 2013

I sent a letter to MetaBank and received no response. I am not surprised because the whole idea behind their program is to sell the cards at face value and then make them impossible to spend.

They make huge profits on unspent card balances that accumulate. MetaBank sucks in my opinion.

Original review posted by user Mar 24, 2013

I received a $100 MasterCard Reward Card (Debit) as an incentive. Based on previous experiences with reward cards, I know that in order to spend them online, you have to access the card online and change the address to match yours. Without doing that, the card will be declined every time.

The issue is that access the card online is a labyrinth with no way out. There are few option on the website and it appears designed to enrage the user. Checking the card balance is also impossible on line.

Calling them isn't much better as their support people (if somehow you accidentally get one on the phone) haven't a clue how to help you. There is no direct way to speak to someone, you actually have to stumble across a back door to get a live person.

In my opinion this whole program was carefully designed to suppress use age of the cards. I would not be surprised to find that the companies who purchase these get a hefty discount because MetaBank knows that they have a low redemption rate.

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Yes, if this is supposed to take the place of a rebate check for purchasing Heart guard heartworm medication, well....IT SUCKS WORSE THAN A HUNDRED TICKS, THAT ALL WANT YOUR BLOOD!Now, why on earth would I deign to allow a compan I don’t use or care to, give me a prepaid Visa card, with my so called reward money on the card! And once I use the card, it has fees and annual fees having read the very fine print!!.It sounds just like a SCAM, to get more of my money, and trust a certain unknown company, with my personal finances?!How much more scam like can it get?Well, here’s my solution.

I’m going to go see my vet and show her what heartguard is doing to its devoted fan base, for their vets and services! No more just straight up rebate checks from them, they just want to stick their sleepy fingers ,into your financial situation.While playing off the trust these folks have, for their beloved vets!So I’m sending you all, a big FU, for trying to scam our beloved pet owners out of their hard earned money. And if my vet feels like we need to call the police, or FBI, I am all for it. Thank you, butNEVER, NEVER EVER.


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