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A promotion at Americas Tire, changing all 4 tires and sending in the receipt got me a $70 gift card.

Received card and activated Dec -14, expired in May 05. Found that out too late, just assumed the card would be valid AT LEAST a year....

Called number, told em card was lost. They couldn't do anything since it expired. Asked for supervisor and then they sent me a new one.

Its obviously made on purpose to have a short expiration date to take advantage of ppl not using it. If they could, i bet they would put it at 5hrs instead of 5months.

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It's very possible that American Tire had this card in their possession for six months, too, before handing it off to you. Still, you failed to notice the expiration date, so then you called the bank and LIED about losing it to scam a new card out of them. Very classy.

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