My boyfriend has a paycheck plus card that his work paychecks come on. We ordered a "convenience checks" in order to pay $450 for rent.

Went through the ridiculous process of getting the verification and authorization numbers and gave it to our landlord. When he was unable to get it processed at his REAL bank we had to call customer service to figure out how to void the check. The money had already been removed from our account even though the check never got cashed. They told us to write void on the check and fax it to them.

Who even still uses faxes?! We went to staples and spent $10 to fax said check and when we called to make sure it was received they requested we send it again with his drivers license too. Faxed again and they said it was received and would take 3-5 business days to get back the money that was never spent. Called them after 3 days and the said it was still pending.

Called AGAIN after 5 days and got the same answer. It has now been 8 days and the woman we just spoke to explained that we need to re-fax it BECAUSE THE FAX IS TOO DARK TO READ! She had no answer for why no one mentioned this to us initially! The fax copy we have is completely legible and bordering on the light side so its obviously a bad machine on their end!

We are at a loss because the money feels gone already and we dont know how to get back money that never even got spent in the first place!!!

They've done nothing but give us the run around and essentially taken our $450.00. I don't have a lot of faith we're ever going to get it back...

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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