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Iadvance meta bank, Wow, what I thought was an awesome service and still do has become disturbing.. I like the services offered and they are a need but with the customer service I have been provided in the last 2 days I will no longer be using these services..

I really like these services but I have never been talked to by any public service or private business like I have in last 2 days. lied to is an understatement, kept on hold..I was told I would receive a call back in an hour by a supervisor.. He sounded like he wanted to help but how can he be a supervisor?? Why would any corp allow or have such a person represents their company...

Especially when it is involving someones money.. not a product but ones money.. after being put off 3 times with promises of a call in an hour I am closing all accounts and the sad part is meta bank just lost a very big account as I work for a very large company and was in the process of referring 150 people to this and 90 were enrolling for sure for direct deposit. very sad that a company can not find stellar CS reps..

Very sad a company can not control this and allows their reps to speak to anyone they way they want to.. I think this goes on because most people who use this banking system have bad credit and need this service. I DO NOT need it and think it is sad that people who are less fortunate in money situations are treated differently and with less respect. I do not recommend anyone to use this service or any services meta bank offers as they have no respect when they have control of your money and you need there services.

Pay cash get a real prepaid credit card do not fall into this trap of lies and verbal abuse because they think they have an upper hand on you. My self and 2 grown children have been using these services for over a year now and we all are cancelling all of our accounts..

It was great to use this service for my children and I to send each other money with no fees etc but not worth the verbal abuse and disrespect one receives when calling this office.

Product or Service Mentioned: Metabank Prepaid Card.

Monetary Loss: $1229.

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How can I get all of my money off this card? This card is a rip off!

They blocked my card and now they want unblock my card because they are saying that the faxes that I sent in are to dark, then they said that the address didn't match up!! Please help me get my money off this card!!



What was the prepaid card that you were using in conjunction with iAdvance? Was it accountNow?



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