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Im not taking any more chances with Meta bank. My only purpose for get a Netspend card was to get my deposit 2 days early.

I haven't received a deposit 2 days early in months so what's the purpose? Nope im finished being screwed around..

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This is *** i actually had stopped getting direct deposit with them months ago but decided to give them another chance , but my money still hasn’t posted. This is ***


Same!!! This was the last chance I decided to give them...

now my lightbill is overdue because of them, I may as well go back to Wells Fargo, smh.

This is extremely stressful when you’re living paycheck to paycheck. I honestly felt as if I were working for free today at my job.

to Ivy #1594719

If you could go to Wells Fargo you would be there. Why would anyone join a shady outfit like this for the promise of getting your money two days early? If you were with a real bank and got your pay when it's supposed to go in, your power note would still be overdue.

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