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Right before Xmas I was the victim of fraudulent use of my debit card that amounted to over $1,200. I reported the transaction to "the phone number on the back of the card".

After going through all the buttons you have to select, I finally got a live person, I barely understood her but I was able to report the incident. She said she would get a new card out to me and a customer dispute form I would need to complete so they could submit the complaint. She also said it could take up to 45 days to put provisional funds in my account!! I asked how this transaction was allowed since it occurred in Miami FL and I am in California, she could not give me an answer.

I explained that is was Xmas and that was all the money I had for Xmas. I asked her if there was anything I could do to expedite the funds, she said "no, was there anything else she could help me with?" I was incensed, she had no empathy for my situation. After waiting 3 days for the form I received a new card but not the dispute form. I placed a call AGAIN, and I asked for a supervisor and was put on hold for 45 minutes.

I finally ended the call and called back again and was told the supervisors were very busy and I would have to hold. I informed them I was very busy since I was calling from work and they had already taken over an hour of my employers time. Oh by the way, each time you call you get another person and have explain your situation all over again. I asked if the supervisor could call me back when he/she got a chance, they said yes and took my number.

Needless to say, they never called back. I called again, said I would not hold and needed to speak to a supervisor immediately (immediately to them means within a half hour). Finally spoke with a supervisor, asked if there was another way to expedite or escalate my situation. He then told me I could write a letter stating all my information and what the issue was.

I told him it would have been nice if they would have told me that 1 week ago. I was able to fax a dispute letter and within 2 days I had my provisional funds on Christmas Eve. I could not go Xmas shopping until I received the money. I never did receive the dispute form.

I was never so disgusted with them, they were not looking out for their customer, they were looking out for their company. I had planned on closing my account after my paycheck was deposited. Since I had direct deposit, I could not cancel the direct deposit in time. I went to access my funds the next day and it happened AGAIN!!

This time they allowed a personal transfer to a bank account of $2,000. I have never in the two years I have had the account, transfer any transactions. This transaction was out of the norm so why did they allow this to happen. I was physically ill and had to go home to deal with this again.

This time they said since this is the second time, it would take up to 90 days to provide provisional funds as they would have to do a FULL investigation since it was a bank transfer. They could not provide me with where the transaction took place or what bank it occurred at. This time the person taking the call said "I don't know why you are upset over such minimal funds" I was so angry if I could have reached through the phone, I would have beat her senseless!! Today, after over a week, I still do not have my money and as I explained to them, I am past due on my car, insurance and rent.

They didn't give a s**t, it was my problem to deal with.

At this point, I don't have any other alternatives but to wait and post this negative review. If I could afford an attorney I would seek assistance but then who am I to Metabank...just another frustrated customer they don't care about.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It seems as though I'm having the same problem with them they first put a spending hold on my tax money and now they have withheld two of my paychecks talking about some kind of merchant dispute and they sending out another card which I haven't received yet I think everyone should go online to help me Howard and we all file a class action lawsuit against this company because this company is causing a lot of families some very grave hardship I'm homeless due to there actions and it's not fair

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