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I never applied for a refund advance loan with metabank. I would like to talk with them about why they notified me that my loan was refused. I want to find out if someone filed a fraudulent tax return in my name.

I understand it may not be under their control if someone filed a fraudulent return but what is annoying with metabank is that their published numbers 1-866-876-6648, 1-800-967-4934 do not get me anywhere. I just get a recording that all circuits are busy.

If they want to be in this business, they need to answer their phone so that fraud can be identified.

This is interesting. I have to add more words to get up to the 100-word minimum.

Product or Service Mentioned: Metabank Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Today I received s a letter from Metabank. Never heard of them.

They claim that I have funds of $500+ prepaid card and that I need to request a new card. This letter from the escheat administrator,.really?

I need to claim these funds, or they go to the state of Texas, really? Just sounds scamish...just like the word es(cheat)!

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