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We did the pre approval thing online and it said we pre-qualified for $3500 so we went to our appointment today to do the early advance loan of like $200-$400 and was given a american express card and everything...not even 10 mins after leaving there we were denied. Why waste someones time having them set up a AMEX card or whatever to deny them.

I have been going to JH for 16 yrs and every year approved so I dont understand.

If you call the number of Meta Bank that JH has listed throughout their paperwork and call it it gives you some BS about you were denied due to the possibility that your federal refund may be reduced or whatever I am like for what so I call the treasury number and it says no offset is pending nor do we owe anything...waste of time and can switch to a different tax company and pay less. I have read a lot of reviews about how this year for some reason a lot of loyal customers who have always been approved are all of a sudden denied this year and JH I am pretty sure has lost a lot of loyal customers and how do businesses stay in business...those loyal customers and word of mouth...

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Many taxpayers returns could be reduced this year due to the trump tax cut. Do you follow the news?

Never understood why people like don't change their withholding to get more during the year than a "windfall" at tax time? Why would you loan someone money for nothing?

Oh,unless it's in a lump sum, the money doesn't register to you? Gotcha.

to Anonymous #1630682

Maybe you've watched toon much "news" people are getting more on their taxes because of Trump. If he wasn't in office personally I'd be getting $1,000 less this year.

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