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They holding my money and giving me excuses every time i call now i will be homeless for them requesting my money to be refunded for two months i have 2 kids and i'm struggling all i wanted was to store my money but i got conned by UPside visa will i get my refund or will i have to kiss my money good bye what do i do i out here beging please shhould i sue cause this makes no sense i only had the upside card for a week and can they take my money give answer HELP PLEASE

Monetary Loss: $710.

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Hyattsville, Maryland, United States #1255187

Your house dont get condemned if you dont pay bills. Lol...now if you dont pay rent, kicked out..yes

Los Angeles, California, United States #958666

Small Claims Court is the best way to go. I am pretty much in the same boat with Netspend and I have zero desire to call their customer service again.

Instead, I will just sue them. You will not need an attorney at the Small Claims Court, actually, you are not even allowed to have an attorney. Its a very simple process and a great solution for people like us: the little people against scamming big corporations. $99 filing fee will get you your funds back and the cost of the filing, etc.

Look online, I am sure there are organizations in your area that can help you fill out the forms. The judges are extremely understanding for the most part and they do not expect everything to be perfect. The process is very fast but more than likely, you will get your funds back even before your trial date is set because Upside will be much more inclined to contact you and make you a settlement offer.

Show them you mean it.

Also what Jackikay said, I'd do that before suing Upside but in any event, it doesn't mean you give up your right to litigate against Upside.

San Francisco, California, United States #831172

FORGET the BBB - MetaBank could care less about their BBB rating. Go to the Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

In just a little over two years they managed to get over $430 MILLION returned to WRONGED CONSUMERS. http://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/

San Diego, California, United States #753295

Report them to the BBB File a complaint with...Better Business Bureau. If necessary file a lawsuit against them....that will sure get there attention.

Good Luck to you. :)

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