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I've had my Metabank reloadable card for about 2 years now. I've had many different issues but today has topped them all!

I went to the gas station to get gas and my card was denied. Given that my paycheck was direct deposited today I knew I had funds available to cover the charge. I have had problems using my Metabank card at 711's previously (which was never resolved) so I thought maybe I was having the same problem again. When I got to work, I tried to use my card for a drink and it was turned down again.

This time reading "Invalid card". I called Customer Service and they stated there was a potential compromise that they were informed of from Visa but couldn't release the name of the merchant who had the compromise. I never received any notification of this compromise by email, text message, phone call-NOTHING! The service rep then told me that they sent a letter letting me know what had happened and since I called they will go ahead and issue me a new card and I should get it within 7-10 days.

Given that my paychecks are loaded on to this card I cannot wait 7-10 days to have MY money that I worked for. This is also the day after Christmas-I need money! So they sent me a letter which I would have to wait for and then call once I got the letter and then they would send a card, which would take another 7-10 days to receive? I work at a bank and this is not the way this is supposed to be handled.

So the kicker was that I asked if there was anyway the card could be expedited, expecting him to tell me maybe at the most $10 to expedite it. Um no...$55?!?!? Are you kidding me? Is the card dipped in Gold and delivered by someone wearing white gloves to my door?

After telling him this is completely unacceptable and something at no fault of my own, he is just sitting on the phone not really saying anything or showing any kind of empathy towards me and this situation and not giving me any options so then he offers a call from a supervisor-but they would have to call me back within 24-48 hours. OF COURSE! So I get the call about 5 hours later from the supervisor after telling her the whole story AGAIN she says "Oh yea, he gave you all the right information". "The $55 expedite fee is a valid charge and there are no options to waive it." I could understand if I lost the card but this is something that I did not request or cause.

I told her I work at a bank and it does not cost $55 to have a card expedited. I then asked her who it is sent through. She tells me UPS. I said it costs $6 to expedite a card at the bank I work for.

She said well that is your bank. How freaking rude are these people and how the *** do they have jobs?!?!?! So now after wasting my time on the phone with them today, I now have no access to my paycheck whether I swipe it at a store or even to go to the ATM and take my money out (which i would be charged from the ATM and METABANK). My rent is due on the 1st so obviously I had no choice but to ask that the card be expedited so I am not late with my rent because who knows when the card would be received if waiting the 7-10 days.

Very very poor customer service and no options to resolve issues. It feels as though they just want to take my monthly service fee for having the card and not provide any service to their customers and don't even care!

I will be opening up a bank account and cutting up this card. The message on their automated system about this being a great option compared to a traditional bank account is a bunch of BS!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Metabank Prepaid Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $55.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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