Company Name Netspend, meta bank

Company Contact banking and service

Subject Net Spend Almost got me Arrested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Incident 4/3/2013 I was out with my wife yesterday having dinner and a show, when the bank made a mistake and did duplicate deposits and locked my account and i could not pay for anything, and when i called the bank they said they made a mistake and i had to wait till system issue was fixed before funds were released be it when you eat it is stealing if you do not pay almost went to jail was in food service before i have seen people go to jail for a 2 dollar meal i was hot and upset when i finally got a live person on the phone after i was told there's nothing they can do i had to wait i told him off. 4 hours latter i got a email it was bad i will not post here to much bad language spoke to ftc and other gov. agencies, also i called the bank one last attempt to get issues fixed 4/5/2013 spoke with the netspend and spoke to manager name maggie she tells me the will look into matter but i have already spoke with several people to resolve this issue and i am tracking everything right now

Have Lawyer Contact Me Yes

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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