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12/18/17 Some type of scam. Went today - the day they offered this new advanced refund program.

They get you in the door with a 400.00/2800.00 pre-approval and then you get an email 1 hour after you paid 500.00 for your taxes to be done saying your advanced refund will only be 300.00/700.00. Don't call Jackson Hewitt - they say they don't even have an 800 number for this MetaBank. No help there. Called MetaBank after google search and the rude woman answered said they cannot give any information on how they decide how much they give you or not - she has no idea what criteria they use, you cannot speak to anyone in the loan department, there is no complaint department but we could write a letter?

Bottom line is - a 1,000.00 advance is way smaller than the 3200.00 as quoted. Don't get your hopes up.

Looks like the only ones that make out are MetaBank and their friends JH. I should have saved myself the aggrevation and did taxes myself for free.

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If you were only approved for 400/2800 I wonder why your upset they wouldn't give you the 3200 when it was never an option and if you got 1000 then I see no issue if it changed and you were only approved 400/700.. ?

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